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24 - 25 May 2016

Shift is a new campaign and event aimed at the altered minds, business models, skillsets, buying habits and marketplaces driven by digital disruption - and the ensuing transformation imperative.


Brought to you by the analysts, marketers, geeks, academics and practitioners at ClickZ and Search Engine Watch, 20 year old veterans of digital marketing and ecommerce best practice with the scars and trophies to prove it.

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Our customers now live and buy in every conceivable nook, cranny, crevice, device, channel, shop or geography and our constant quest is to find them and get them on our side and P&L – that's why we focus on Customer Acquisition first. Without customers, we are nothing.

With notoriously disloyal and faddish yet digitally native and astute millennials leading the way, keeping customers is no mean feat in an age where compelling customer service and experience are taken as standard. The Customer Experience and Retention stream comes to the fore as we discover what it takes to deliver the wow factor at every twist and turn of the customer journey.

But it's no good perfecting your award-winning, high falutin', multi-faceted, technology-infested, goody-two-shoes marketing if you've actually got your business model and plan wrong in the first place. Yesterday's plan is already out of date and so might your Board, skillsets, IT, financial modelling and chances of survival if you don't keep up. The Digital Transformation stream covers this off with insights from successful C-suite warriors on how to adapt and thrive in the digital economy.

Join us as we get inspired and scared. Illuminated and passionate. Determined and huddled. Shouting and laughing. Learning and excelling.

Shift: Driving digital success


Who is it for*

*Not for the faint of heart.

Senior marketers, digital gurus and business leaders tasked with implementing digital transformation and responsible for driving marketing strategy across data, digital, acquisition, search, customer experience, analytics, user experience and customer service.

*Not for the faint of heart.

Topics Include...

Building digital
DNA within
your company

Digitally-savvy customers are demanding high-quality, integrated experiences when they interact with companies or brands. As companies respond with a technologically integrated approach greater collaboration in the C-suite is paramount. What will the digital DNA of the most progressive companies look like?

What does a
digitally savvy board
look like?

What does a future digital savvy board look like? What role will the CMO's of the future play in this increasingly horizontal hierarchy? What are progressive CEO's doing to get the balance right and what barriers need to be managed and overcome to win success?

Unifying all channels to
support a superior
customer experience

Customers don't think in terms of channels, they want to interact, browse and shop 'brands'; hence, why the most progressive retailers are leveraging and unifying all existing channels to support a seamless and superior customer experience.

Strategies to attract,
retain and train
digital talent

The proliferation of data, digital, devices and social platforms is being paralleled by consumer demands for more creative, intelligent and engaging content and campaigns... and people who can interpret and formulate them! What strategies are proving most effective in the drive to attract, retain and train digital talent?

The evolving
relationship between
the CFO and CMO

The digital revolution has propelled CFO from number crunching in the backroom to taking a more proactive role in understanding and anticipating strategic business needs; sitting alongside the CMO to determine catalysts for change, expenditure needs and drivers for ROI.

Striking a balance with
the CIO to reap the full
benefits of digital

Is marketing stealing the CIO's tech budget... and mojo? Digital has transformed the way that companies are doing business, stretching budgets to accommodate burgeoning technological demands to keep pace digital marketing – what does this mean for IT and the role of the CIO?

Digital China
- so what's
on the horizon?

The number of internet users in China ranks the first in the world and boasts an online retail market size of approximately 2 trillion and social media, video and mobile internet are developing at break neck speed. What do you need to know about ways to leverage digital marketing and advertising in this highly competitive region to win success?

Perfecting the art of
storytelling to deepen
customer engagement

Marketing has reached a turning point - from a method of advertising and promotion to perfecting the art of storytelling, customer delight and deeper engagement. The era of content for content sake has now passed and must be more relevant and targeted than ever before in order to be effective.

Harnessing data to
better understand the
youth market

The younger generation is fast becoming a key focus for marketing as a valued – yet difficult to reach - customer base. Hear how one organisation is harnessing data from variety of channels to, better understand the millennial market to best reach, engage and manage this digitally connected, fickle yet lucrative customer base!


London, United Kingdom
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London EC2M 3YX

155 Bishopsgate is conveniently located in The City situated minutes from Liverpool Street station. It's easy to reach from a number of train, underground and bus routes.

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